Corte Archi

The Winery

Dedication, enthusiasm, love...

These are the values that for over one hundred years the Campagnola family has been transmitting to its generations, sharing the joys and difficulties, in life and among the vines with a common mission: to cultivate a passion.

In Marano Valley in the pleasant Valpolicella Classica, placed between Verona and Lake Garda, halfway up the hill, we discover the Corte Archi winery.

Here, you can enjoy moments of peace and serenity surrounded by the green of nature, and pampered by the aromas and flavors of wines and typical products

"Corte Archi Winery cultivate a passion for over 100 years"

Values and traditions such as the love of the land and the passionate and constant care of the vineyards have been passed down unchanged over time, as well as the efforts and difficulties, and the desire for continuous evolution and improvement both in quality and technology.

This improvement manifests itself through the pursuit of new objectives, including an increasing attention to the territory. Corte Archi adheres to the integrated production system SQNPI (National Quality System of Integrated Production) in association with Consorzio Tutela Vini Valpolicella for greater protection of environmental balance and biodiversity.

Since many years Corte Archi has eliminated chemical herbicides from the vineyards and minimized the use of synthetic chemicals as well as rationalized fertilization in compliance with ecological, economic and toxicological principles.

Corte Archi wines are appreciated and known both in Italy and abroad.

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